unattend Windows 10 1809 setup

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I use NTlite to made un attended Windows installations, and I’m now making one for the new Windows 10 1809, but for some reason the setup never comes up asking me to create the user.

After the setup, the login screen just comes up to other user. I use tricks I know to boot from the USB drive, and then can enable the administrator account; afterwards I can log into Windows without a problem.

I have the autounattend right in Windows 1803, but for some reason 1809 isn’t going smooth. However, looking over the 1803 autounattend.xml file I do not see a difference.
I’ve included the autounattend.xml for 1809, and a screen shot of the autounattend options I use with NTlite.

This is probably something simple.
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I may be wrong here ( ..it's a few years since I used NTLite ...... I had a registered Personal copy .... but can't even remember which PC, or VM ?, i installed it on ) .... BUT, if you just using that autounattend.xml (and no separate/additional unattend.xml) then something looks wrong ......
1/ I don't see any user creation in the OOBE section ?
2/ I think those Skip Machine OOBE and Skip User OOBE  are also now deprecated ?? ...
So, how it ever worked with v 1803 is a mystery ... ?

But, it may be slightly modified behaviour for 1809 vs 1803 ..... i.e. something like 1809 has stricter adherence to the Account setup phase in OOBE and won't enable the Administrator account unless it explicitly defined ...... and, looks like it not defined there .... so, no surprise you have to use 'USB trick' to get in to turn on the account ....

Maybe some Experts with deeper experience will have better advice/answer ..... or might kindly post a few xml elements to add in for the admin user creation  (if not I may come back to it at some stage ...)

PS : you could try searching on Experts Exchange for  'OOBE' and/or 'unattend', 'autounattend' ..... some very good info in previous questions ....
PPS:  solution may just be as simple as 'Add Local Account' via the NTLite menu, untick those Skip Machine and Skip User options and save a new autounattend !!


I left OOBE section alone, and now Windows 10 goes through the setup allowing me to create the as did w/ 1803

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