I gotta tell ya... Webroot support really sucks....

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Here is a sample of the notifications Webroot sends:

Threat List:
MYINBOXHELPER-11554925[1].EXE, W32.Adware.Gen, %appdata%\microsoft\windows\inetcache\low\ie\r0wen413\, https://snup.webrootcloudav.com/SkyStoreFileUploader/upload.aspx?MD5=1A45B3AE41C8DDD1F82FFB1B46ED57B9 1A45B3AE41C8DDD1F82FFB1B46ED57B9,

Doesn't anyone have any idea how to translate that to a name and a payload with a little more information about it? I gotta tell ya... Webroot support really sucks....
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Just tried it myself with your example and the Captcha doesn't seem to want to accept valid input for me when I click Lookup (?)

That said, I think you'll be struggling to get any decent information on something classed as "W32.Adware.Gen" though. I find many AV vendors seem to favour this way of describing some types of malware, with little to no explanatory text or payload information.
Steven CarnahanAssistant Vice President\Network Manager

I think the issue is identified in the very beginning:   MYINBOXHELPER-11554925[1].EXE

You can read a little about this at:  http://www.myantispyware.com/2018/08/16/how-to-remove-my-inbox-helper-chrome-firefox-ie-edge/

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