MAC login issue

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Hi Expert,

I have a macbook pro after i login i am getting alot asking from "wants to use the local items keychain" prompt and having change pw last week and worked fine with the pw. I went to keychain and couldn't find the login chains, should it be found on domain acccount?

Can any expert advise me on?

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You should check each item, and if you are sure they are OK, you can select to always allow. You will not get asked again.
I believe when the keychain is updated with a new password existing permissions to the keychain may need to be renewed.

FYI, I just went through that as well with the last update. So it is possible there is a number of new items t approve as well.


Is there a way to remove all keychain and login items, what I input old and or new pw dont work.

I have never deleted them all, and that would take your login credentials away, and keychain access requires that. But you can delete the items you don’t want, or you can reset it:

How to Resolve Mac OS X Keychain Problems
Open Keychain Access, which is in the Utilities folder within the Applications folder.
From the Keychain Access menu, choose Preferences.
Click General, then click Reset My Default Keychain.
Authenticate with your account login password.
Quit Keychain Access.
Restart your computer.
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Thanks for the kind support.

Happy to help.


Did the solution work, or are you looking for something else?


Hi Owen,

Nope, user authenticate with your account login password, his login don't take old or new password.


OK, I am confused.
User authenticated with "YOUR" account login password, "HIS" login don't take old or new password.

First, who is YOUR and HIS? Same person? Different users on the same machine?
And can you explain what yo mean by "... his login don't take old or new password."

I am not understanding what this means. Thanks.


Hi Sir,

It key chain is locked with pw, Tried local admin pw and user old and new pw wont work. Also don't have Preferences in Keychain Access menu.


So the keychain password should be the same password that is used to unlock the computer.

You said:
I have a macbook pro after i login
so this indicated you have a password to get onto the computer.  Right?
Did you try that password with the keychain?

If that does not work and you have no way of finding the password, it may be necessary to create a new keychain. You loose everything in there, and start over, but that might be your only choice.

Read this:
What was the account's previous password? You can fix the keychain password and set it to be the same as the current password, then you don't need to keep entering it. If you forgot the password,  you should just start the keychain

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