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Preparing to Upgrade ConfigMgr to 1810 from 1802

Last Modified: 2019-02-14
Hello All!
I'm back again. So myself and another guy I work with have inherited the SCCM system from our predecessor who is no longer with the company. (hence all the SCCM related questions)

We are looking at upgrading to ConfigMgr 1810 from 1802. I'm doing some research to understand the process and make sure I am not missing anything major so that we can make this as seamless as possible.

Some basics about our setup:
-14 DP's of which 11 are Pull DP's
-1 Cloud DP
-Only run OSD from a single site - the Main SCCM site
-Have only recently begun expanding application deployment via SCCM, so minimal applications on the DP's at this point
-We have about 1500 clients installed including VM's, servers, and end user workstations

What I am wondering is what the major considerations we have to think about before we get this started. I'm speaking specifically to your experience and or resources. I have the MS TechNet upgrade checklist, back up procedures for the the site, and a step by step upgrade guide from System Center Dudes. We are planning on taking a snapshot of the SCCM server ahead of time to protect the system if it all blows up.

Would be great to get some insight from anyone with experience in this as I want to minimize the surprises (I know I can't eliminate them all) for this upgrade.

Thanks in advance! Looking forward to your insight!
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David Johnson, CDSimple Geek from the '70s
Distinguished Expert 2019

I've been upgrading all the time and no problem.  do make sure that you have the latest ADK AND the Winpe tools (they separated them)
Leading Engineer
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Curtis W. SmithIT Support Analyst


Thanks for the advice gents. We are likely going to get it going this week I think. We ha dome stuff happen that caused us to push it back.

So I ran the prerequisite check, and we got a warning about our Azure connector using http instead of HTTPS.

"[Completed with warning]:Checking if HTTP management point is enabled for cloud management gateway"

I realize we should probably switch that over anyways, but if it passed everything else, is that likely to break anything if we run the update anyways? We have a minimal use in Azure yet as we are only beginning the process to migrate to O365.

I am going to work on resolving that issue with the Azure guy, but for now, I still want to see if we can get this updated and start moving forward.

The previous SCCM guy was not so good. we had a consultant come in and help us get things organized and they were good to help us go in the right direction I think. I have a snapshot of the system so if it blows up, we can restore the VM and try and figure out why it blew up.

I appreciate any advice you have about the Cloud Management connector as well. Thanks for the notes about starting fresh. If it comes to that, then I will have to try and be strategic about when we do that.
Mike TLeading Engineer


The warnings are just that: warnings. You can continue with fixing it and it won't break the upgrade but it would be better (best?) to fix whatever the warning is for. Sadly I've not had time to try Cloud Management yet myself so can't help there.

Curtis W. SmithIT Support Analyst


Hey Mike,
Thanks. I've been reading that our situation with the Cloud is actually pretty common, so I think we are going to keep going with it, and will revisit the Cloud Management Gateway when we are ready to start testing with O365. Thanks for your help!

thanks for your help as well!