Docker EE on Win 2016: The service will not automatically start

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I have installed Docker EE on a new copy of Windows 2016 using the following PowerShell commands as recommended in the Docker page (click here):
Install-Module DockerMsftProvider -Force
Install-Package Docker -ProviderName DockerMsftProvider -Force

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Docker appears to have installed correctly (the 'Program Files' folder has been created, the service has been created and the basic 'Hello World' test was successful) but the service will not automatically start with Windows.

Keep in mind:
  • The service startup type is definitely set to 'Automatic'.
  • There is no error recorded in the Windows Event Logs.
  • One started the service stays running without generating any errors in the event log.


Has anyone had the same issue ?
Can anyone suggest what the issue is because I can find nothing via the web ?
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Sudeep SharmaTechnical Designer

As stated in the link you shared in Step 2, if the reboot is required?

(Install-WindowsFeature Containers).RestartNeeded

Also in the powershell script on the same page they have registered the service as well using the command:

# Register the Docker daemon as a service.
dockerd --register-service

Also from the site

(optional) Make sure you have all required updates

Some advanced Docker features, such as swarm mode, require the fixes included in KB4015217 (or a later cumulative patch).


Select option 6) Download and Install Updates.

Let us know if these are checked.



Hi Sudeep - thanks for the quick response.

(Install-WindowsFeature Containers).RestartNeeded

Yes I did this and yes I restarted the machine before attempting to test / use Docker.

dockerd --register-service

A) If you look again this is part of the 'install docker with a script' instructions - not the instructions for installing manually which are above. I agree the page is quite confusing and needs to be laid out better for clarity.

B) The only function of that command is to register Docker as a service. That has already happened - it just won't automatically start even though it is set as such

Select option 6) Download and Install Updates

Before I started I made sure all the latest Windows updates had been downloaded and installed

Additional question background

I am installing Docker only to run third-party software based on Docker and it uses a single node only - so a 'swarm' is not a factor here

Please keep those suggestions coming ...
Technical Designer
Could you let me know what are the different settings of the service in registry?


Select the Docker service and tell us what is the REG_DWORD values for Start and Type.



Docker registry

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