Oracle forms- commit question

I have a code in key-commit of oracle forms that does some validation and gives a warning message. When user is trying to save, it give me the correct message. But they exit out it asks do you want to save, if I say YES, it save but does not give warning message and stop. So what trigger do I need. I tried on-commit. but go_block,. first_record are illegal
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Is it possible to give the code  you want to execute ?  Maybe we can find a workaround, to avoid the navigation.
One possibilty I'm thinking of is to use the post-builtin in the on-commit to propagate the changes in the form to the database (insert,update,delete) and  perform your validations on the database records instead of the data in form  before issuing the commit-form built-in to execute the actual commit in the database.
Another way can be to keep track of the relevant data that you need for checking (for example in a package either in the form or in the database or in a temporary table )  and do your validation on that kept data.
Mark GeerlingsDatabase AdministratorCommented:
Without knowing exactly what you want to do, it is hard for us to know the best way to get the job done.

It is true that an "ON-COMMIT" trigger cannot do form navigation activities, like GO_BLOCK, FIRST_RECORD, etc.  A "KEY-COMMIT" trigger can do form navigation activities like that.

But, I don't recommend using a "KEY-COMMIT" trigger to do validation.  I like to do validation earlier in the process, ideally in WHEN-VALIDATE-ITEM triggers, or at least in PRE-INSERT or PRE-UPDATE triggers.  I use a program unit that can be called from both a PRE-INSERT and a PRE-UPDATE trigger, if I need the same logic to happen for both events.
anumosesAuthor Commented:
I tried using this code. declared global  variable




      msg_alert('Warning! This invoice must be in balance in order to save & close.','E',true);

This is working
Mark GeerlingsDatabase AdministratorCommented:
Are you sure that is doing the validation that you want?  It looks to me like with those two triggers, you will never get the warning message displayed.

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anumosesAuthor Commented:
thanks. Handled in a different way.
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