How to select a checkbox in Microsoft Word from VB6

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I am using VB6 to access a Microsoft Word template.  What I am perplexed on what to do is how to select a checkbox field as you can see from the attached image.  Currently Quarter 2 is selected.  How can I select Quarter 3.  I can bookmark the field, but I don't know the syntax for selection and checking the field.  Any help is appreciated.  

Here is some example code I am currently using in the document if that helps.

            objMSWord.Selection.TypeText "ACTIVITY: " & rec!ActivityName & " - " & rec!ActivityType & "    " & rec!ActivityOther & vbCrLf
            objMSWord.Selection.TypeText "Identified Need: " & rec!Need & "    " & rec!NeedOther & vbCrLf
            objMSWord.Selection.TypeText "Objective Addressed: " & rec!Objectives & vbCrLf
            objMSWord.Selection.TypeText "Stated Strategy: " & rec!Strategy & vbCrLf
            objMSWord.Selection.TypeText "Outcome: " & rec!Outcome & vbCrLf
            objMSWord.Selection.TypeText "Narrative Summary: " & rec!Narrative & vbCrLf
            objMSWord.Selection.TypeText "-----------------------------" & vbCrLf & vbCrLf

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What sort of checkbox?  Is it a Form Field, an Active X or a Content Control? If not in developer mode, all three types of checkbox look very similar.
The code seems to be adding text at a bookmark, so that doesn't help very much.


I think form fields
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To use the document, do you have to protect it for 'Filling in forms'?
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If you simply want to check it or uncheck it, you can set the Value of the CheckBox property to true or false
Option Explicit
Sub FFCheckBox()
    Dim ffcb As FormField
    Set ffcb = ActiveDocument.FormFields("Check1")
    With ffcb
        If .CheckBox.Value = False Then
            .CheckBox.Value = True
            .CheckBox.Value = False
        End If
    End With
End Sub

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