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For Sass I use Scout.  However, I just started working on a project where the SCSS compiler took all of the different SCSS files and combined them into one css.  What program does that?  Scout Does Not.
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With Scout, your *.scss files will be compiled into the CSS versions of them. If you prefix your filename with an underscore, then it won't be compiled into a seperate file. This allows you to create modular SCSS file. For example, in your source folder you may have:


If you run Scout on that folder it will compile only the styles.scss into styles.css. To include the other files, you would use the @import command inside the styles.scss:

@import 'fonts';
@import 'images';
@import 'core';

Then when you run Scout, you will end up with a styles.css that contains all the CSS from the other files.

As Damilo has mentioned - using Gulp to perform your tasks is generally a better option. You have much more control over what happens and you can also run other tasks (such as minify / concatenation / auto-prefixing / source maps etc.)

Gulp is a command line tool and takes a little getting used to, but once you've got your head around it, it can make the whole development process much slicker. It can do a whole lot of other stuff, including minifiying / concating your JS files, compressing images, copying and moving files (from source folder to distribution folders etc).

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