Where does oxidized store its user IDs and passwords for difference equipment models?

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I am using an older version of oxidized (rancid) to grab configs. It was build by someone else about three years ago. I'm trying to find where you configure the user ID and password to be used by the different network equipment. I don't see a reference to a user in /home/oxidized/.config/oxidized/config and not even a reference to device type PanOS which is what I'm aiming for.
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Wow... Reading through the Oxidized docs... seems to be much which is glossed over, like how to configure user/pass credentials to make various API calls (which I think is what you're asking).

I'd likely open a https://github.com/ytti/oxidized/issues issue ticket asking for a documentation enhancement to more clearly describe this part of Oxidized configuration/setup sequence.

They may point you to an exact spot in the docs which describes this or provide a documentation update which answers your question.
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Thanks. I found some more resources here http://www.shrubbery.net/rancid/

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