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Four-post racks VS cabinets? Install patch panels and switches on one rack, or not?

This server will host 200 network cables and many servers.
Our plan is to setup one two-post rack and two four-post racks (or cabinets). And here are the questions

1.  Should we install all the patch panels AND the network switches on the two-post rack? Or, install only the patch panels on the two-post rack, install the switches on the four-post racks (or cabinets) along with the servers?

2. Should we use four-post racks or cabinets?
I understand cabinets offer one more layer of security. Is there any other benefit to use cabinets?

3. Should we install the two-post rack in the middle of the two four-post racks (or cabinets)? Or, this doesn't matter?

4. Any other thoughts or suggestions??

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