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Hi, I have so far have the ability to view the contents of a PDF using an HTML Form Web part and something like the following script:  <object><embed src="http://pdf/xxx.pdf in the Source Editor of the control.

Taking this a step further, is there a way to 'click' or 'hover' over an uploaded pdf  (in a Documents web part) and view its contents in a the HTML Form Web part?

For info: I am using SharePoint 2016 on-prem

Thank you in advance.
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I don't work in Sharepoint, but from what I understand you can use your own custom front end code.  There is a jquery  plug in that may do what you want

Do you need help with modifying the webpart to make this work?
if you can write a hover over event then just open a popup with the content already you have.
so under that function just create a window pop up and input the src URL as the input for what you have.
IF you are already able to read the content in some page, now link that page with the hover over or mouseover event frot he pdf link or file.

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