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John Crisp
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Are there any programs for converting png files to svg files for lasercutting?
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Depends on how good a result is required.  None of the automated image-to-vector tools I've seen so far produce good results all of the time.

Using black-and white (1-bit) art the conversion is relatively simple but may not look attractive.   Grayscale is the norm but the "edges" that the conversion software decides to vectorize may not be optimal for viewing or cutting.

Opinion:  Best to look over the goofle results and decide for yourself how to proceed.  No matter what, nothing beats hand conversion for quality.
Anthony GarciaDevops Staff

When doing image conversion I typically just use online converters and just do a search for png to svg converter. If you want a bit more control over the final image, I know both Illustrator and Photoshop have svg export options if you happen to have either of those.

Illustrator is a better option since svg is a vector graphics format which Illustrator is better at dealing with. If you don't have either, inkspace is a popular free alternative. This website gives other good alternatives to popular software.

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