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Joshua Stroud, MCP
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I appreciate the feedback i've received thus far. I've demoed multiple products, and have narrowed down the list to about 6 products. What would you recommend, based on personal experience, from the following:
SolarWinds RMM
LogMeIn Central

My core requirements include: remote access (unattended), anti-virus, remote script execution, patch management, asset management, reporting, and performance monitoring

Thanks in advance!
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Why use MITM services like above (From their service you allow blind access into your infra). Instead of using VPN's (On your OWN routers) to your systems.
I specificaly don't mean the VPN that are advertised like NorthVPN etc. etc. which are used to hide the actual source of a request.

OpenVPN server,  IPSEC server etc. on your own equipment. That would allow authenticated access to your infra from almost anywhere.
without some MITM.

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