How do I completely uninstall/delete Acronis true image 2019 from macOS High Sierra?

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1) How do I completely uninstall/delete Acronis true image 2019 from macOS High Sierra - then reinstall  Acronis true image 2019 pointing to new drives?

2) My goal is to delete all backups from Acronis True Image and rebuild to backup to new attached/online drives.

I will settle for 1) if 2) is not feasible.
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You have full control over backups, no need to uninstall for that. A backup is defined in a job. If you want changes in your backup, don't uninstall, just adjust the job.
In your case, open the job, edit the destination to your new drive. That's all.

Deleting old backup can be done on file level, just go the the old drive which hold your backups, and remove data folders (either the top folder for all backups, or some sub folders to delete specific backup archives.

All steps can be found here:
WORKS2011Managed IT Services, Cyber Security, Backup

You need to use the Aronis Cleanup Tool. Acronis adds allot to any system in the registry and throughout in allot of other areas.

You can download here.
Bagaudin SatuevGlobal Community Evangelist

Perfect advice is already given above by Kimputer.

But just in case if anyone else needs it, the uninstallation procedure is described here.

In case if something goes wrong you can use cleanup utility (edit: WORKS2011 already pointed to it)
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Lots of good advice here, thanks to all contributors!

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