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PHP $_POST Variable with brackets

PHP the correct way to create a form variable to insert into a DB

my form has this:

  <textarea name="ii_pi_name[]" value="<?= $ii_pi_name1 ?>" ></textarea>

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My PHP has this but it is not working.
$ii_pi_name = $_POST['ii_pi_name'][''];

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How do I write that so it works with the bracket?
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Robert Granlund
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@ron, can you please show me that written out in the format I have?  I'm a little over my head right now.
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name = htmlspecialchars($_POST['ii_pi_name’])

This is actually the correct way I was having brain drain moment on my previous post
@ron, so you are saying this:

$ii_pi_name =  htmlspecialchars($_POST['ii_pi_name']);  When an array is being passed? Because that does not work to insert that var into the DB
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array_pop($_POST['ii_pi_name']) will give you the first elt of the array

the array has no keys so php indexes it numerically, so the first elt is actually $ii_pi_name = $_POST['ii_pi_name'][0];

when in doubt, just print the whole thing with var_export or var_dump or even print_r
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