functional design document and technical specification document contents

Dear Experts
Would like to understand what all the functional design document will or to consists.  I can list only few points, business processes team wise ,  like system inputs, expected output , process flow , use case scenario , report and analytics please list the detailed. What does technical specification document consist few I can think of is out of the box modules used or custom modules developed, what formulas are used, dependency on data flow, fields on each role user pages. Please help me to get more detailed functional requirement and technical specification so that will ask the implementer to prepare and submit to us.
Thanks in advance.
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Bill PrewIT / Software Engineering ConsultantCommented:
While I don't love what I'm about to say, in this case I think it does fit.  People come to EE for answers, but the nature of your question is such that it would be hard to provide a single useful answer.  The topics you mention are pretty broad and are typically very much custom to different organizations.  Yes there is some underlying commonality, and you have touched on a good bit of that, but then different organizations place emphasis on different approaches and content of these docs.

In your case I would suggest googling around a bit, there are hundreds of samples, templates and examples for both documents and you can see them and determine which might be fits for your organization, both on the customer side, and the developer side. The samples will run a wide range from small and simple to huge and complex, and you (or your project or standards team) will have to look at them and pick out what would be useful based on your environment and the product involved.

I would stay away from large standards organization efforts, Like ISO or IEEE etc.  These are usually just so large in scope that they are often overwhelming and try to cover too much ground.

A couple of quick examples of the wealth of information available:


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Chinmay PatelChief Technology NinjaCommented:
Hi D_Wathi,

As you have marked ERP in your query, I would like to know if there is any specific ERP you are targeting or you are trying to build an ERP?

D_wathiAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the reply at present CRM is implemented sugar crm enterprise but the implementer not provided us Functional requirement document, now that we are asking them for which I need to provide them what all the FRD to be covered, will be great help if you can list few essentials or some document so that I can ask them to cover all those. thanks in advance.
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Chinmay PatelChief Technology NinjaCommented:
Sure. How urgent it is? I will have to check in couple of places, before I can compile a complete CRM specific list.
D_wathiAuthor Commented:
thanks for the reply,  can you list few essentials and later in 2 to 3 days if you can provide rest of the details would be great great help. thanks.
Chinmay PatelChief Technology NinjaCommented:
A CRM FRD is going to be a lot similar to what you would create for a normal project. But it must be aligned with CRM areas. If I were you, I would first get an overview of the requirements, do a fit-gap between requirements and CRM areas, next step would be to put those requirements into each bucket(CRM Area). That should be enough to get you started.
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