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Virtual drive degraded with one physical drive no longer part of the array

I have dell t620 with a perc h710. It is configured raid five with 6 930g sas drives with a capacity of 4.5t.

A few days ago i saw on a reboot the there was a foreign config on the drives. as the os was booting properly i cleared the foreign config.

After hat I noticed that the virtual drive is in a degraded status. Drives 1-5 are online but drive 0  appears unassigned with a status of "ready". the only option the controller gives me is to set it up as a hot spare. I tried that and it set up that way but it wont integrate to the basic drive. How do I get it to reintegrate?

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I assigned it and it's listed as a dedicated hot spare. Does it take some time before it starts the rebuild??
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If you have more than one Virtual Disk, then you may need to set it as a GLOBAL Hot Spare.

You may also run diags on it … it may be bad.
Although it's listed as a hot spare already, when I go to the idrac Job Q it looks like it's still scheduled and not running
Just note that there are two types of hot spares: Global and Dedicated. If you have multiple VD's across your disks, it will need to be a Global hot-spare.

If you only have a single VD configured, then your disk is probably bad and it can't initialize the rebuild.
I did it through OMSA Instead of idrac and appears to of started to rebuild
If it is still in the iDRAC job queue you may need to do this to clear it.

racadm -r <ip address> -u <username> -p <password> jobqueue delete -i JID_CLEARALL_FORCE
It worked thank you