Is it possible to connect an ip phone directly to a sip trunk.

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I have been using a cloud based implementation of 3CX and I have 2 phones (but only use 1), a Fanvil and a Yealink.

I have a SIP trunk with 2 numbers connected to 3cx.

I am finding it a bit expensive paying for the 3cx cloud server and the sip trunk.

I wondered if there was a way to connect the SIP trunk directly to my phone without using 3cx.

Any advice would be appreciated.
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It might be possible, but surely not desirable.

A Phone Exchange has two components: A frontend (mostly called a SBC, session Border Conroller) which ensures registration handled and also ensures security rules are obeyed.  And a PBX that will handle Voicemail, (inter)connecting phones, routing etc.

AFAICT 3CX (at least the one you can run on your own systems) is free for use until you have too many phones...
So i am not sure where your cost wrt to this is. The 3CX on private equipment can be run as a VM on a server for ex.

Lots of phones are rather simplistic servers. aka easy to Hack,  so you may end up with a huge phone bill fairly easily when a phone is directly accessible.


Ok thats great. 3CX is free but Its hosted on AWS so there is a cost for that.

I suppose I could run on local VM to save that cost but probably wont bother.

Thanks for the clarification.

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