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Abraham Deutsch

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kiosk software to lock down the laptops our employees will use on the road

Looking for a kiosk software to lock down the laptops our employees will use on the road, and should only be to connect vie remote desktop services to the terminal server in the office.

It’s for productive reasons but a wall for security, so not only should it lock down apps, but also control panel etc. USB and other removal drives etc.  

I will not join the laptops to the domain, this can also be accomplished with local policy’s but will be time consuming to do it on each laptop.

Any recommendation
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Steven Carnahan
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Easiest way is to set local group policy to restrict what you don't want users to have access to and then make sure they are not local administrators.
Hi Abraham,

Recommendations are difficult to give without knowing all of the features and specifications that are important to "you".

That said, there are tons reviewed and able to be compared by Value, Deployment, and Features to choose from on this article at Capterra.

Find the best Kiosk Software for your business

Take a look. You'll surely find a suitable solution from those choices.

Hope that's helpful.

Regards, Andrew
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Abraham Deutsch


Based on this link mobile lock pro is on top of the list compared to others with one or no ratings plus full five stars. In fact I used it on a android and was very easily bypassed by users
I wouldn't put a great deal of weight on the number of stars the linked site gives, nor where in the list products appear. Rather, I'd suggest selecting some solutions that support the features "you" are looking for, and then seeking reviews about them on the general web. Review sites like that will almost always have a bias for one product or another, however, they are a terrific resource for finding out what's available.

In so far as users being able to bypass protection, that can be done with just about any product imaginable if the user has sufficient technical knowledge on doing things like that. Given that you are seeking out this type of software for your employees, a well-worded clause in their employment agreements that details the consequences of trying to circumvent restrictions of any company owned resource that is provided for their use should be sufficient to make them think twice if they value their jobs in my opinion :)

Cheers, Andrew
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I would do Windows 10 CIS level 2 on workstations and remove their administrator access
Thank you
Sorry for the late reply, you might have selected the software but I still would like to recommend you the kiosk software.

It's Scalefusion kiosk software - 

This will help you to lockdown the company-own laptops & desktops for your employees with bulk enrollment (Windows Autopilot) remotely. And can perform you requirement with ease.

You can also lockdown Android and iOS devices.