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I have three conference rooms and have been tasked to find away to simplify the booking of meeting and seeing the availability. Now people call one person to book a room and if they don’t call her people will just take the room and it’s a mess.

Is there an iPad app that I can install and I’ll put three iPads one at each location where people can see the schedules and availability of the rooms and even book the room if need be. Than sync that meeting to that person or persons outlook?

Thank you
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Devin BeckerIdentity Management and SecurityCommented:
Hi IT_Fanatic,

I think the best solution would be to setup something like Google Calendars for each of the conference rooms, and then share that with all users of the org. That is how we do it @ EE, and everyone can see when meetings are taking place and what rooms they are taking place in easily from their own calendar. Users can also hide the view of the conference rooms If they would like, but it is always accessible to them.

Here is a Google article on this exact topic:

It is also worth noting, that Google Calendar can be installed on the iPads as well if you wanted to stick with that idea. Each of them would also always be synced since Google Calendar works off of the cloud, so you wouldn't have to worry about pushing the room times to other devices.

Hope this helps,

Devin Becker
DevOps Associate @ EE
IT_FanaticAuthor Commented:
We looked at teems and going that route. A calendar is not ideal when people refuse to look at it.

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IT_FanaticAuthor Commented:
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