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Server2012 sys drive reports wrong size/available space

I have a Server 2012 running hyper V to host 5 VMs.
I have just been aware, that the 300 gig C drive is running critical low of disk space.
This is weird cause only server + gui are installed.

When you mark all files on C drive it only counts to 45 gigs
Just for the record:
1) All files are visible incl hidden + protected sys files.
2) No shadow copies
3) only 0,8 gig pape file

Does anyone has a clue??
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Shreedhar Ette
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Please install TreeSize tool on the host and run the application as administrator to find the disk utilization.

After report generated please share the screen to give you better suggestion. Also you will get better idea of the utilization.
Tree size or Windirstat ( my preference) should give you a better picture of where your disk space is being consumed.
It is important to run these tools with admin or more preferably system privs  to get the full story
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