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How do I eliminate this Photoshop error?

I use Adobe Photoshop version 12. This is an older outright purchase version. I have created and use "Actions". They are very simple time saving actions such as F2 takes me immediately to brightness & contrast adjustment and F5 takes me to saturation and hue. For some reason when I hit any of my Function keys that are action keys I get the error shown in my attached file. I obviously set something in error that should be toggled in the other direction. Can anyone give me suggestions as to what setting to change so that this error does not appear? NOTE: Knowledge wise as far as proficiency goes regarding Photoshop on a 1-10 scale, I am a 1.5. I only use it for the most basic of chores. I am purposely using this older version because I do not agree with Adobe's policy to only RENT the software on a yearly basis. It is crazy expensive for someone that is a casual user.  IMHOUser generated image
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Thank you Dan Craciun for responding. Can you please tell me how to correct that situation? My needs are very minor in comparison to what Photoshop is capable of. The only thing I am doing at this time is taking 35 photos in jpg format and 1. Adjust contrast and brightness. 2. Adjust color saturation and 3. Sharpen  them a bit. I typically have the function keys set to take me right to bright/contrast without the normal steps needed to get there one step by step. But all of a sudden I began getting this message. What did I do or not do that caused this message to appear. I have never used "Text Layer" so I am not familiar with it.
Additional: Dan, I figured it out Sir. Thanks for leading me in the right direction.
Thanks so much for helping me.
You're welcome.
I'm glad I could help!