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Connecting a server to two networks simultaneously

Is it possible to have multiple ip/gateway combinations on a computer?  I have scenario where a customer resides in a "shared" office space. They would like to install their own server.  The addition of the server is not a real issue, I can install it on the same subnet as the existing network that is available to the shared office space, both wired and wireless.  However, they would also like VPN access to the server remotely. That is where I am not sure how to proceed.  Even if I acquire a separate internet connection and firewall and connect it to the server, how do I make the server able to be connected to both networks simultaneously so they can access it remotely via the separate internet connection/firewall combination and also be connected to the share office subnet (when onsite) so they can have wifi or wired access to the server as well as being able to access the shared printers that are available on the shared office space network.

Any insight would be appreciated.
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