TFDStoredProc param not found


In my Delphi application I have a TFDStoredProc (name: aspCopyMyRecord) to access a MS SQL Server database.
Sometimes when the procedure below is executed, I get an error:
aspCopyMyRecord: Parameter '@ID' not found

procedure TDM3.CopyMyRecord(vID, vID2 : Integer; CONST vCode : String);
    with aspCopyMyRecord do
      ResourceOptions.UnifyParam := False;
      StoredProcName := 'dba_CopyMyRecord';
      FetchOptions.Items := aspCopyMyRecord.FetchOptions.Items - [fiMeta];
      Params.ParamByName('@ID').Value     := vID;
      Params.ParamByName('@ID2').Value  := vID2;
      Params.ParamByName('@Code').Value    := vCode;

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The parameters in SQL Server Stored Proc are named like:
     @ID INT 
   , @ID2 INT
   , @Code nVarChar(50)
   , @ReturnValue INT OUTPUT)

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Can anybode see what might be wrong with my code?
Stef MerlijnDeveloperAsked:
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Geert GOracle dbaCommented:
Don't the params get evaluated after the prepare ?

i always create params myself on sql
with stp.createParam ...

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Stef MerlijnDeveloperAuthor Commented:
For as far as I investgated it, FireDac has a mechanism that removes the @ for some databases (o.a. SQL Server). That's why I use:
  ResourceOptions.UnifyParams := False;

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But for some reason this doesn't always work.
Depending on the DBMS, the parameter name may be prefixed with '@' or ResourceOptions.UnifyParams set to True.
Info on: ResourceOptions.UnifyParams

In my development enviroment it works fine as it is setup now, but some customers still generate the error now and than.
Bruno BuesserCommented:
How did you create the stored procedure in your program?
If I create the stored procedure in code (with MySQL) I do the following:

  FScCreateUserProc:= TFDStoredProc.Create(Self);
  with FScCreateUserProc do
    Connection:= FConnection;
    StoredProcName:= 'ScCreateUser';
    Params.Add('AUserName', ftString,45,ptInput);
    Params.Add('AFirstName', ftString,45,ptInput);
    Params.Add('ALastName', ftString,45,ptInput);
    Params.Add('ARoleName', ftString,45,ptInput);
    Params.Add('AId', ftString,4,ptOutput);

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After that you can set the values and execute the procedure:

with FScCreateUserProc do
        Params.ParamByName('AUserName').AsString:= LoginName;
        Params.ParamByName('AFirstName').AsString:= FirstName;
        Params.ParamByName('ALastName').AsString:= LastName;
        Params.ParamByName('ARoleName').AsString:= RoleName;
        Id:= Params.ParamByName('AId').AsInteger;

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Stef MerlijnDeveloperAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the help.
Both solution should probably work fine, but I've decided to use TADOStroredProc in stead of TFDStoredProc, as I kept getting errors from customers.
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