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Create query on the fly with multiple selections

I have a rather complex music database that I have been working on since September.  I am at the point where the basic structure of the database is in place, I have entered in 75% of the data (1,795 Media Titles, 19,000 Songs) and have some basic reports and queries set up but now I am moving into some more complex queries.  The database has 11 Genre (Music Categories) and I have a way of doing a query on any one category but I would like a way to do it by a selection of categories.

I would like to have a form listing the categories alphabetically with the ability to select one or multiple categories based on what is selected on this form.  This would involve tblTitles and tblGenre.  The tblGenre is a lookup table containing the categories.  

Twenty years ago I was heavily involved with VBA and Access but I have not used it since and I have forgotten everything but the basics.  How do I go about doing what I would like to get done here?
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