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After password change, my user cannot log in to his Outlook.

For some reason I cannot get my user domain password to sync up with Outlook365.

We use Office 365 with Outlook 2010.

The user changed his password and  now he cannot log in to his Outlook.

Any ideas will be most appreciated.
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Vasil Michev (MVP)
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Did you clear the old password from Credentials manager? Can he login to the Office 365 portal or OWA?
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Yes I can, but am not sure how to clear the password from the Credentials manager.  Never had to do so.
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I'm noticing under the Password sync I'm getting a Warning: Warning no recent synchronization.
Just open Credential manager, find the Outlook entry and remove it. If you need detailed instructions, check for example here:
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I just removed it.

I'm going to assume it's going to take some time for AD to Sync with Outlook 365.

Any idea how long this normally takes?
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Sorry he is not able to log on to the Oulook365 portal.  However, after removed the old Outlook entry, I'm going to wait until it syncs and try a little later.
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I waiting till the Exchange ADmin synced again.  And I wasn't able to log in to portal.

However, I put in his old password and was able to get in.

How do I get his Outlook 365 to sync up with his domain password?
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Well if the user is not able to login to O365 as well, make sure the password was actually synced. Event viewer will give you information about this, and you can always force a password sync manually:
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Are other users able to change their password then log into o365 without issue? What are you using for your AD Sync, password sync, pass-through or ADFS?