How to Run Windows Programs on my MACBOOK

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If I have a windows app, how can I run it on a MACBOOK?.
I heard there's a product you can buy that allows you to turn a portion of your MAC hard drive into a Windows PC?  And then load windows apps onto it.
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There are several ways:

1). You can use Apple's Bootcamp and create a Windows partition on your drive. Then at boot time (by holding Option down)  you can select which operating system will boot. Setting this up required a software license from Microsoft for the version of Windows you wish to install. This will run a Windows machine at full speed, and Mac OSX will not be running.

2). You can use Parallels or VMWare to run an emulated version of Windows. Again, you will need a licensed copy of Windows to put on the VM. In this case, Windows runs in a "Window" of OS X (it can also be made full screen) but both OS run at the same time, and Windows will be a bit slower.
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Owen's second suggestion is by far the better choice because at least with Parallels (that I use) you can for example seamlessly copy OS X files to  Windows and vice versa.
Forget about BootCamp .. it really is overkill if you just need to run one Windows application periodically.

I'd like to add a few other options to the mix .. Parallels and VMWare Fusion are great and commercial applications  but you might also consider
VirtualBox - free software .. works fine for many windows apps
WINE - you don't need a full version of Windows to run many apps -
Crossover - a commercial version of WINE with some extra polish -
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I also use Parallels and while I have both VM and Parallels, I find parallels a bit easier to use, but they are very close.

There is also VirtualBox from Oracle which is free for personal use. Not as good as the other two, but not a bad free product.

I agree, forget about bootcamp, but it is one of the choices so I put it out there. But if just a few apps, a VM is a better solution. Thanks Eoin for posting the links. I was going to go back and do that when I had time, so you saved me having to do that.

FYI on Bootcamp: I have an old MacBookPro 15"  that was not being used anymore, so I put Bootcamp on it, and it ONLY runs Windows now. It was once said that the best Windows machine on the market was a MacBookPro, and I will say, this machine crashes less than any Windows machine I have ever owned!  :-)


Great help from everyone!  Many thanks.

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