Analog line was moved to cloud by mistake.

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Hello experts,

I was moving the phone numbers to the cloud and as I was doing that the account manager also included an analog line that was connected to the PA system. The analog number is also now moved to the cloud and it is showing as spare. I have asked the account manager to release it back so the PA SYSTEM can work again.

Do you know if the cloud phone vendor removes that number , if the PA System will work? or do I need to do anything from my end, the PA system is cross connected with the copper line to the BIX.

Another thing I noticed is that in the call manager the extensions are associated to MAC addresses .

I just need some direction on this .
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That depends on your country, and your Telco.
There are places where you cannot get a POTS line anymore. (or only after a lot of trouble), while VOIP can be arranged in a matter of minutes..
If your VOIP provider releases the number, who will connect your POTS line back?
You will need help with someone having local knowledge on this.
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nothing changed on the pots line physically, the line was connected as before but the DID # was moved to the cloud and we need it back. We are talking to a local technician now to check the line and I am not sure how he will help.
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First to contact (to me at least ) would be to talk to you Telco providing you the POTS connection.
The line may still be connected on your side, but is it still at the Telco's side of the line?
If you can still dial out..., then the line is connected and only a DID (needs to be done by the Telco) needs to be setup. (with the Telco).

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