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We are working on a project for storing large raw video to archive as well as for editing for production distribution at some point.  We'd really like to utilize a cloud storage solution but need easy and convenient access to the files when needed.  Obviously access control / security built in as well.  Need some recommendations.  Thanks.
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Check pricing of first, as OVH hardware is fixed price for storage.

No bandwidth. No per object access fees.

Just massive RAID running very fast.

Since these machines are standard hardware, likely best for you to install Ubuntu Bionic for latest TCP speed enhancements + 5 years of updates.

Security, will be whatever you determine is correct to setup.

Keep in mind, you'll likely never actually edit any remote video file, as the network latency would make this type of work... near impossible...

Your work flow will likely be to download a video + edit it locally + upload a video.

You might consider using or setting up your own LFS (Large File Support) Git server which will provide automatic version control + file locking for when people work on video files.
Philip ElderTechnical Architect - HA/Compute/Storage

The connection to the Internet at least 10GbE?

The best way to get this going is to have a high performance storage setup with 10GbE to the endpoints doing the editing and rendering so that they can push and pull those files with ease.

Then, from there, push the files up to the Cloud as a backup. A two stage backup would be something like a Virtual Tape Library (StarWind) that then pushes the backup files up to BackBlaze. BackBlaze is probably one of the least expensive per TB out there.

The key element here is keeping the files local on a high performance network fabric so that folks are not waiting around for files to move about when there is a need.
nociSoftware Engineer
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Nextcloud might be an option for storing and serviing files.

OTOH, Kalture might have what you need:
Running your own server might have bandwidth issues...

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