Script to swap screen layout from 1 to 2 | Left to right .

Hi All,
I want to make a script to run to swap screens 1 to 2 or 2 to 1 from left to right.
I have staff swapping desks or setting up meetings and have to go into display settings and drag 1 identified screen to 2 identified as the mouse gets caught and can't move to the other side logically.
I have wanted to do this for a while. Hope everyone has a solution and point me in the right direction.

Appreciate your help.

D :)
relaxoIT ConsultantAsked:
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Danilo AndradeIT Systems AnalystCommented:
You can try DisplaySwitch.exe, I believe it is pretty limited. It accepts, /internal, /external, /clone, or /extend.

You can use something like

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relaxoIT ConsultantAuthor Commented:
Hi and thanks for that. I just tried to download the util nircmd and my firewall prompted me there is a virus on that .exe
"You are not permitted to download the file "" because it is infected with the virus "Riskware/HideExec"."
unless this is just a blanket warning.

Jose Gabriel Ortega CastroEE Rookie/Solution Guide/Topic Advisor and CEO Faru Bonon ITCommented:
you don't need any other software...

The screen are identified as are being connected.

so 2 solutions.
With the computer on disconnect the 2 and then reconnect it.

The other solution is right click/Display settings.

I have 2 screens (1 FHD 1920 x1080) and another 4k (3820x2160) so at the right is the 4k and at the middle is the FHD.
you just have to click and drag from the right to the left and that's it.

Check the Mht with internet explorer
It was recorded with PSR (Step recorder) and it should be seen with edge or ie).
Qlemo"Batchelor", Developer and EE Topic AdvisorCommented:
NirCmd is a well-known application, but because it is very mighty contains code often triggering AV alerts. You can safely ignore that the time (but not in general, of course).
relaxoIT ConsultantAuthor Commented:
Thank you all for your input I appreciate your help.
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