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zoe maniaci
zoe maniaci used Ask the Experts™
Hello. Considering your slogan states you can fix any problem. I need help with someone unlocking my twitter account. I was locked out of my account yesterday because I was 12 when I signed up for it and apparently you have to be at least 13. I have done everything in my power to try and contact twitter and they are all sending me to the same link which does all a absolutely nothing because the link leads me to sign into my account but I can’t because they locked me out. I am 18 years old now and personally I think it is ridiculous that I am being reprimanded for something I did over 6 years ago. PLEASE HELP!
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Bill PrewIT / Software Engineering Consultant
Top Expert 2016

I'm older than dirt so I never had this problem, but I thought what I had read many months ago when a lot of people were getting caught in this was that they got an email informing them of the situation, and that email had a link where with some amount of work they had to upload an image of  a legal proof of age (license, passport, etc).  FWIW, a number of people seem to indicate they borrowed an ID or photoshopped theirs to make the age valid and those uploaded 'adjusted' images were happily processed.

I guess your challenge is getting to a page where you can start this process?  I gather you can't login to your account, even though much of what I read on twitter seems to indicate you still should be able to even thought your features may be restricted.

Christopher RourkeProject & QA Manager @ Experts Exchange

Zoe can you confirm the page you are being sent to is the following: Appeal an account suspension or locked account

And if so, are you receiving messaging stating that you are locked out when attempting to login from the link on that form?

I want to make sure I know the path you have been provided by their support before we dive in.

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