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SCCM Application Deployment


We have SCCM 2016 and i am newly assigned to it.

Application deployment has never worked outside of our office we have remote sites connected to us with a very decent connection so bandwidth is not a problem for application deployment. when i deploy and application the computers in remote site can see it in the software center but it just get stuck at 0% downloading. we do not have distribution points at these sites because the computers are not that much. some logs are attached from the client computer.LogsLogsLocaationservices.PNG
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8/22/2022 - Mon
Adam Leinss

Assuming you have the boundaries setup for the remote sites, you need to assign one DP to those boundaries, even if the DP is at HQ.

See: http://eskonr.com/2017/09/sccm-configmgr-report-for-boundary-group-relationships-with-fallback-sites/
Mike T


Without knowing more about your setup it is really hard to figure out anything here. However, as Adam said your client machines need to talk back to your site server and get a list of Distribution Points. The client will then choose the best one and download packages from it. Right now, as the LocationServices.log pic shows you have NO DPs - the list is empty so nothing will ever install.

Questions to work out (for yourselves)
1) How many users do you have
2) How many DPs do you have
3) Where are the DPs
4) Do you have boundaries set for every place (remote or local site) where you  have users?
5) Do you have boundary groups to divide similar sites together?

You need to sit down, get the answers above and then plan a little (where you want your boundaries  and how to group them) and then go and do it. Check the LocationServices.log. As soon as that says it found a DP, things will download (as long as no other blockers crop up!).

It sounds like your system is not setup very well in the first place (given apps have never worked) and the sooner you get the books I suggested the sooner you will understand things better.

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