What options are available to Mozilla Thunderbird 60.5.0 clients to get verifications email are read and/or sent?

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In a work environment where the client is using Mozilla Thunderbird version 60.5.0 (32-bit) in conjunction with Intuit Quickbooks Enterprise Solutions Manufacturing and Wholesale version 2019, emails are sent out to vendors with purchase orders.  The client would like to have his Mozilla Thunderbird present a receipt to his computer with the Thunderbird installation when the message is opened or better yet read.  Is there a setting and where within Mozilla Thunderbird 60.5.0 would provide the best solution to get a verification from the vendor upon receipt of the email as sometimes emails are in some occasions are assumed sent, a purchase order that is assumed attached doesn't get sent for some reason or the email isn't received.

..or is there another third party solution.
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Either use the Receipt function in Thunderbird (other client has to actively return the receipt, which most don't), or send out email through Sendgrid SMTP: https://sendgrid.com/pricing/
Chceking has to be done on their website's portal though. Please note, the email clients with the highest security enabled, ALSO will not be reported as sent/read.
It ALWAYS depends on the receiver's side and how high security is set, and if they're willing to let you know.
Since you cannot rely on it 100%, I suggest you just always ask the user the send a human reply for verification, less hassle, 100% sure.
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There is no system or program that will do that completely.  I almost always say No to sending read receipts and email clients give the choice about downloading tracking pixels from bulk email.  As Kimputer said, it is Always the recipient's choice as to whether they notify the sender that a message has been opened or read.  All Thunderbird or any mail client can tell you is whether the email was accepted by your own mail server.  Everything after that depends on the recipient.


Just following advice of the two contributors.

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