Where are transport rules in G-Suite

G-Suite- (their forums suck by the way.  Heck, the whole product sucks, but what do you do) I'm having some problems with G-Suite.

The owner calls me and says, hey, you know how I get a copy of ALL emails sent to and from the org, well, our sales manager gets ALL emails sent to and from the sales people too.  

We fired one guy and disabled his g-suite account.  His email was one of the emails going to the sales mgr.  When we disabled his account, she stopped getting copies of everything sent to and from his account.  Of course this would happen of we disabled his account.

However, when we re-enabled it, and mail began to flow in, she didn't get those like she once did.

That's when I got the call that the owner gets a copy of all sent/received email within the org and that the sales mgr gets a copy of all sent/received mail from the sales team.

So, I'm trying to find that.  I'm trying to find in the g-suite admin tool WHERE I would configure that.  I'm thinking transport rules, but there is nothing there when I look.

Anyone have any idea where to look?  Individual user accounts?

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Devin BeckerIdentity Management and SecurityCommented:

This might be a group settings, or a user to user routing setting. Members of groups get every email sent to the groups they are a part of. If it is groups, it's simply just adding the users to the groups that receive those emails. If it's users that are receiving other users emails, you'd have to setup routing rules.

To do this, I have to change settings in the routing section of the advanced Gmail Settings(Top left hamburger menu>Apps>GSuite>Gmail>Advanced Settings>General Settings).

From there you can scroll down to Routing, and have to create a new recipient address map and chose the emails/groups to route too.

From my understanding, this used to be a much easier process that you could do from the individual user accounts, but now that isn't the case.

This is the Google Doc I followed when I first set it up: https://support.google.com/a/answer/6297084

Hope this helps you out,

Devin Becker
DevOps Associate @ EE
Scott FellDeveloper & EE ModeratorCommented:
As somebody that manages both GSuite and O365, I agree with you.   O365 is so much easier to work with and when you need help, you can call MS and get somebody that actually knows what they are talking about!

Anyway,  Go to your admin panel https://admin.google.com/AdminHome.  Then Apps > GSuite > Gmail > Advanced Settings then click the Default Routing tab. https://admin.google.com/AdminHome?hl=en#ServiceSettings/service=email&subtab=domaindefault

This is where you can create rules.
crp0499CEOAuthor Commented:
went there.  it's blank.  something else must be going on.
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Devin BeckerIdentity Management and SecurityCommented:

Did you trying going to the settings path that I had mapped out?

Top left hamburger menu>Apps>GSuite>Gmail>Advanced Settings>General Settings, then scroll down down to the Routing section.

Again, this is the google doc that I had followed when I first set these rules up: https://support.google.com/a/answer/6297084

Hope this helps,

Devin Becker
DevOps Associate @ EE
crp0499CEOAuthor Commented:
Yep.  Checked there and no routing.  I definitely confirmed that the sales manager gets copies of all sent/received email from members of the sales team so it's somewhere....maybe at the individual user?
Devin BeckerIdentity Management and SecurityCommented:

As far as I know, GSuite no longer supports user>user routing through individual profiles and the settings need to be applied through either the page Scott directed, or the one I directed you too.

It is possible that if the rule got setup before GSuite stopped supports user>user routing through the individual profiles that the rules are still tied to those profiles. Have you checked the end users settings? ie. All of the Sales Team/The sales managers individual GSuite User profiles?

It doesn't sound like these emails are tied to a group or group settings, but it might be worth it to see what groups the users are under and then check those groups for settings.

Hopefully with that bit of information it will help us narrow down what is going on.

Devin Becker
DevOps Associate @ EE
Scott FellDeveloper & EE ModeratorCommented:
>  when we re-enabled it, and mail began to flow in, she didn't get those like she once did.

I wonder if it is possible those rules were removed when you disabled the user. In that case, it would be empty and you would need to create a new set of rules.

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