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Matthew B
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I am trying to access the properties of this object but i keep getting undefined. This is what i return from PHP json_encode($return, true);

i try to access results.message (undefined)
or results.status (undefined)

My jquery:


url: "order_sync.php",
method: 'post',
dataType: 'json',
data: {
  order: obj
error: function(){
success: function(results){

  if(results.status === '0'){


  } else {





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This is the JS returned to me from PHP and an ajax call:

      "message":"Some Message.",
      "country":"United States",
      "ship_method":"Fedex Ground (Fedex Ground)"

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Looking at your JS, your object is contained within an array, so you'd need to access the first element of the array before accessing the object - results[0]:

if(results[0].status === '0'){

It probably makes more sense to edit your PHP to make sure you just return just the object rather than the array containing the object.
Matthew BHack


Thank you Chris.

I resolved this by creating an object in my PHP and return this instead of returning an array.

           $object = new stdClass();
            $object->status = '1';
            $object->message = 'message';
            $object->order_id = $orderId;
            $object->country = $orderCountry
            $object->customer_name = $orderDetails;
            $object->ship_method = $orderShippingDetails ;

$object_json = json_encode($object,true)

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