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Windows 10 failing to boot after attempted reversion to previous build

I have a system running Windows 10 which will not boot after reversion to previous build.

Without getting into an extended discussion around reasons for and issues with doing so, I believe it was running build 10586 and tried to update to 17134. I had some issues with this, so tried to revert back to the previous build. This seems to have failed and left the OS not booting.

The SRTTrail.txt log indicates:

Test Performed:
Name: Setup state check
Result: Completed successfully. Error code =  0x0
Time taken = 125 ms

Root cause found:
Failure while setup is in progress.

The OS SSD and a secondary data SSHD are both encrypted with Bitlocker. Whilst in the WinRE environment, the OS shows as protection paused, the data drive is locked, but can be unlocked using manage-bde -unlock -rp .....

I am in the process of downloading ISO files from MS for build 17763 and an unofficial source (I realise this is a risk) for 10586. I have another Win10 machine but that only has a copy of the original RTM build, 10240.

I'm looking to attempt a DISM repair using the 10586 ISO otherwise, does the upgrade install option when booting from the install media (intended for upgrades from Win7 etc) support an upgrade from an earlier build, if I was to us te 17763 ISO?
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Thanks. I'm mindful that repair attempts may be fruitless, but I'm willing to give anything a shot before writing off as a loss.

What is most frustrating is I have the tools readily available to image an OS before doing upgrades and the like, but I didn't bother in this instance! Acronis, Clonezilla, Macrium - I have them all...

But hey, I guess we all sometimes make mistakes when we should know better!
I'll continue my own efforts and report progress in due course. I'll leave the question open for other thought, should there be any.

If nothing else, I'm grateful for the link to earlier build ISOs - much better source than I had found elsewhere! :-)
Update: Ran SFC /scannow with the offbootdir and offwindir commands which failed due to a pending repair.

Checked \windows\winsxs\pending.xml which is as attached.  This would seem to suggest (if I am interpreting it correctly) that there is some record of where things have got to.

Is there likely any way back from this or am I (as noted earlier) best starting from scratch? Would the revert pending action in DISM cause more problems than it solves?
That is no defined state. Impossible to say what would help. Reinstall.
You have nothing to loose by giving this a try ...
Already started the reinstall process. Fortunately this machine has 2 drives and is mainly a rig for Steam amongst other things so I should be able to save content from that non-OS drive when reinstalling apps.

Couldn't find product key but used ISO above and WinRE to pull it from the registry before formatting.