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Windows 2016 Server, Locked out myself (administrator) after updating GPO

Windows 2016  Server, Locked out myself (administrator) after updating GPO

Cannot access gpedit.msc
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Bernd Oldenbeuving


Trying to find the corresponding items, but I am not sure where and which one to disable

Cannot access gpedit.msc

Can I edit the registry, and remove the entries blocking the access?

getting messages like:

MMC Could not create the snap-in
MMC cannot create the snap-in because of current user policies.
Did you understand the plan that I outlined?
Please share what setting locked you out.
I was limiting access for RDS Users and limited a lot... (not recalling everything as I expected to edit only "Local Users" ) ...
What GPO exactly? The registry settings are out here:
Are you able to edit the registry offline as outlined before? You could rename the whole branch HKLM\software\policies and create an empty policies branch.
what you can do, install GPMC on other member server or on client PC from RSAT and access group policy management console from there and from there open affected GPO and undone all settings you done one by one and then reboot the DC, it will solve your issue
Thx Guys, you helped me finding the solution!