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Windows 10 pro does not have laserjet 5Si printer driver, even after windows update..

Our laserjet 5si printer is  20 years old, but the boss loves it. Over 500,000 pages have been printed and it still works very well and print cartridges are practically free.,

I  have set up our SamsComputer which is new  Dell Inspiron windows 10 pro desktop.  

I cannot connect it to the 5si printer because this  computer's windows 10 does not have a printer driver for any model of laserjet 5. Refreshing the driver list with the  printer update button added a dozen printers, but still no Laserjet 5 entries.

Strangely, about 5 months ago I installed JanesComputer which is a different model Inspiron desktop, and had absolutely no trouble connecting to that same printer. (It continues to work just fine.)

The HP website's most recent download is from 2002, and does not work.  

If found several potential drivers at other websites,  but I am reluctant to use  non HP sources.

I am  getting desperate, so I tried copying the repository driver from JanesComputer to SamsComputer c:\BobsTemp\prnhp001.inf.  I use "have disk" and pointed it to the .inf file.  That  showed laserjet 5/5m, which I selected.  The install then failed with an file not found message, but it did not name the fmissing file.

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Try as above or the non-HP source.  I do not fall in love with Printers and have convinced my clients not to fall in love with printers.  The printer WILL die sooner rather that later, so just replace it with a good Laser Jet of which there are many good ones.
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I was on the right track before I posted here, and have now got it to work.
1) On JanesComputer which had working driver, I went to "C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository"
2) used w10 search box for content:5si  then opened containing folder.
3) went up one level and copied the ENTIRE dirctory.  (In my previous attempts I only copy the .inf file)
4)  copied that entire directory to a flash drived.
5) on samsComputer  i copied the flash drive to c:\mydrivers
6) In used windows 10 wizard to install a new printer and select "have disk", and pointed it to c:\mydrivers\
opened prnhp001.inf and returned to the wizard.
Now there was driver for Laserjet 5 which seems to work.  I don't know why laserjet 5si doesn't show but I don't care as long as the printer works.
Fab, well done!

If connected via USB DOT4 it may be listed as a USB device rather than printer which is why it's not showing.

Just for reference the driver repository is you best way to grab the Win Update version if you can't get it to automatically download.
There's an easier way to install print drivers, share it over the network and the driver gets sent from the print server to the client when you first connect to it.
masq: so many  many on the website most of which claim to be windows 8.1 and later. I tried a couple but none of them showed laserjet 5si.  They did show laserjet 5, but when I chose it, they said file not found.

I am sticking to my own solution which was to copy a working computer's driver.  McKnife was the closest He never told me how to copy a driver, but he suggested software that would do it.
andy:  That is a great idea.  But, I cannot test it because the computer now has the driver installed. I hope I remember that trick the next time I have the problem.