Windows 10 default User path setting

After a clean version of Windows 10 is installed, it asked me to sign in my Windows account. I realized that there is no option was asked me to choose the User path during the initial set up process. How Windows determine my User path and is it possible to change it?

It is now

But I want to change the last part.
Billy MaVice PresidentAsked:
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Create another user with a preferred name, logon and then use an admin account to move the data from one profile folder to the other. Don't move all folders but just the contents of documents, photos, ... In case they even have content, yet.

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SuhaibIT specialistCommented:
this path is automatically created when you choose a username (computer user), so if you chose "john" as username then the path will be C:\Users\john.
there is a way to change it, but if the user is new and dosen't have a lot of customization and settings you can create a new user(as McKnife said) with your preferred name( to be as path later)  and copy the files (if there is any) to the new user Desktop or Documents....
you can more easily reinstall windows fresh, and give another user name
reason : fiddling with it Always leaves traces, or causes problems
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