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Thin laptop with a built-in keyboard that still works in detached mode

Thin laptop with a built-in keyboard that still works in detached mode.

I have the Microsoft Surface 4 Pro and I love it!  

Microsoft now has Surface 5 and Surface 6, neither of which solve this issue.

I am needing it to function as a laptop, but when the screen is detached from the keyboard, the built-in keyboard should still work.

Assistance in finding the right product at under $1,000 is greatly appreciated.
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I use a ThinkPad X1 Carbon. It IS a laptop and is my consulting laptop. Thin and light, very powerful, and long battery life.

Price depends on features but a Surface Pro with the features I have was yet more expensive than the ThinkPad.

Tough to get a useful machine like this under $1,000.
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You could tryp a detachable bluetooth keyboard/case for the newer surface models.
Are you looking for something like a wireless keyboard ?

From what I know about the Surface is that the keyboard works only via the contact points between the screen and the keyboard. The only solution that I know is a Bluetooth or Wireless that have a usb receiver

This is a Microsoft branded keyboard that worked via Bluetooth and is meant for the Surface.
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No my surface won't do this. I'm looking for a laptop that will.
My laptop will do everything you need. A thin ThinkPad "T" will also work.

I value light weight (2 pounds) so my briefcase (your back pack) is not heavy.
What is the desired purpose of having a functioning keyboard while the screen is detached?
Apparently there are several choices for ThinkPad t. If that will do the trick, can you send a link and tell me what the term is that describes this ability?

Thanks for that choice. That sounds like it might work
I have not looked at the Lenovo links posted, but if they only come with USB-C I would steer away from this limitation.

I find that the need for an adaptor to give me hardwire network or video output a really pain.  

This is something to keep in mind.
The laptops posted come with built-in keyboards and similar to what I use - the keyboards are not detachable, but that is not a limitation
I don't see how the keyboard detaches for those?
As I noted the T and X keyboards are not detachable. You need a convertible.

You need something like this
They don't.  The Thinkpad T series are  just regular laptops.

Does your Surface Pro 4 detachable keyboard work on the Surface Pro 6.  I've seen a few variations of the Surface Pros and they seem to have the same interface.  I haven't seen the Surface Pro 6 yet, so I can't fully verify it, but shouldn't it have the same form factor?
Yes as noted. But Lenovo does have convertibles that I posted that allow the screen to separate or rotate from the keyboard which may serve the function.
The Lenovo Yoga's do not have detachable keyboards.  What you describe is really only available in the Surface models.  Other companies don't have the same level of tablet convertable features in their models.

I would seriously dissuade you from getting any Lenovo that's not a T-series.  The T series are the only good laptops from Lenovo.  They're the only design's they bought from the original IBM that are worthwhile.  The rest of the models were part of the original Lenovo designs and are lower quality.  Even when IBM owned Thinkpads, only the T series was really solid.  The others were more consumer grade.
Lenovo ThinkPad X machines (I have 2) are also solid commercial IBM designed computers.

He's not asking for those.  He's asking for a tablet with a detachable keyboard that works while detached.  None of the Lenovo devices you've suggested fits the bill.  The Yoga you linked to is definitely consumer grade, not enterprise grade.  Please stop going off on a tangent just to shill Lenovo.

Thank you for helping to keep this discussion on target, and thanks very much to everyone for all the comments as well.

I am still looking for a detachable screen but a swivel might be a good alternative if I can't find the detachable screen where the keyboard continues to function.
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