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Using a USB wireless mic without computer?

Hello all,

I have this really decent USB wireless digital mic device:
Samson XPD1 Lavalier USB Digital Wireless System https://www.amazon.com/dp/B014803CMK/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_QzIvCbSJBBCRN

It works great with my computer, but I’d love to adopt this to also work with my DSLR camera.

I figured that I could build an interface to provide 5vdc to the USB based transmitter and extract analog audio with an D/A converter. But I’m currently um... lazy er... too busy at this time. LOL  

Can anyone suggest a ready to purchase adapter that can do this?

Thank you,
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Doug Van

8/22/2022 - Mon

In this case, I would purchase a cheap Raspberry Pi with battery pack. Saves you all the hassle of trying to extract analog audio from a USB interface. More stable solution too, as you'll know it works ,and you will know how the audio can be copied from where to where. It would be re-inventing the wheel, for no good reason.
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Doug Van

Apologies for the slow response. :(

I like the Rasp Pi solution but however you do this you're going to end up with a bulky cludge probably larger than the camera either with a separate power supply or battery.  And that's why no one will make it commercially.


I agree.

I asked this question because I have not seen an analog version of the Lavalier I mentioned. Um... that is, until I found this one...

It offers both analog and digital output. I have also found a number of other models. I guess the one I already own is dedicated to USB only.  :)
Doug Van

Thank you, all! :)
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