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Exchange2016- 2 edb files of the same DB after Move-DatabasePath command

Dear Shamans, after used "Move-DatabasePath" in Exchange 2016 server, that DB was unable to mount and we saw 2 DBs folders (including edb files) in both OLD and NEW locations.

After I disabled the AV in server and mount that DB, it could be mounted . Command "Get-MailboxDatabase " showed that edb file of that DB was in NEW location  but there were still 2 edb files at the same time

What should we do? Can we delete that DB folder in OLD location? Many thanks!
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I believe somewhere database move process caught in cyclic redundancy error because when you move database path, it actually dismount source DB, copy it to target location and once copy process gets completed, it deletes source DB, somewhere after copy process completes source server did not get signal that copy operation is complete and its now safe to delete source DB copy

Check if new database is able mount and if users are able to access their mailbox, if you get error in mounting or mailbox access through outlook / OWA, you should dismount DB, mark it for overwritten and replace it with source DB file and mount again
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Hi Mahesh, I noticed that the data modified of 2 edb files were quite near, so it seems like some user mailboxes are in the edb file at OLD place, whilst others are in the edb file at NEW location, is it possible?

Should we do these? Is it safe?
- Create a new DB
- Move all user mailbox from the old DB to the new one
- Delete both edb files in 2 locations
what you saying, I don't believe its possible, you have moved edb file, so technically all mailboxes must be remain with moved edb file only, how you identified there are mailboxes in old EDB file?
As commented by Mahesh it will dismount and move to the new location not copy.
You can use this command ensure required DBs existing. Rest everything you can move to a different location/external HDD.
Get-MailboxDatabase | fl name,edbfilepath,logfolderpath

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As you can see here, the command showed that DB11 is on H drive, but we saw 2 edb files of it (same size) in both H and F drives. Can you please suggest?

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You can simply backup and delete db file on f drive
You may be manually copied it from source
Agree with Mahesh
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So I just need to delete edb file in F drive manually?

Then why do both 2 edb files have a quite close modified time?
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I already explained possible reason
This is 1st time i seen that edb file remained after movement
You may manually copied it from source knowingly unknowingly
You advised that after disabling AV all mounted, do you have all exclusions set as per Microsoft guidelines for AV on an exchange server?