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voice recognition in ubuntu

can i  do voice recognition in ubuntu 18.04?  i would like to start applications like a web browser or spreadsheet application.  i've used dragon naturally speaking in windows but i like the linux os better.  i've asked this question before but i caught a bad cold and couldn't pay much attention to it.
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The best index i could find is:

An article of 3 years ago i found on this claims accuracy was poor then for many (almost all).
thing might have been changed since then.

Here an article about more recent testing.
You can use the Google engine as well, which would also mean Google can harvest any data from it.
You can try out software Simon
this is a free software which can be downloaded and installed from ubuntu software center.
here is the link to install the software.
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Many of the projects are research projects, not final products, so YMMV and you may have to try more than one.
yeah i missed it, install simon from source package as it is not available in ubuntu 18 repo