cron and crontab problem

Jose Bredariol
Jose Bredariol used Ask the Experts™
I´ve create this file : /home/user/  (rwxr-xr-x).

shutdown -r now

Edited the crontab file with crontab -e command.
inserted this line :

30 14 * * * /bin/sh /home/user/

But the computer didn´t restart. What I´m doing wrong /
I´m using Debian Wheezy
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David FavorFractional CTO
Distinguished Expert 2018

Keep in mind, this will only work in the root CRON file, never a non-super user account.

Only root (and other admin accounts) have privilege to run shutdown.
nociSoftware Engineer
Distinguished Expert 2018

Unprivileged user cannot do this,

either you need to use sudo (as an admin account) to run reboot /shutdown -r , or install this entry under the root user.
Also be aware that the regular path is NOT available in active cron jobs.

It is a good practice to qualify the command with full pathname.
shutdown is also in /sbin which might not be in the default path...
(You should receive a mail upon failure.)
Fractional CTO
Distinguished Expert 2018
I'm with noci. Not a requirement + using /sbin/shutdown ensures no other shutdown command in $PATH gets picked up.

This is unlikely + if it does occur, it's a nightmare to debug.

Absolute/Full paths are your friend.


Thanks all

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