Cannot attach Dell monitor to Surface Pro

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I have a Surface Pro 4 connected to a Surface Dock. SP has the latest updates; Dock has the latest firmware. SP power setting is to never sleep when connected to power.

When I connect any Dell monitor ( I have tried 3 different models) to the Dock, SP screen keeps flashing a black screen and nothing appears on the Dell monitor. When I connect the monitor directly to the SP using a VGA /   Display Port adapter, SP shows 2nd monitor as not active; monitor says that there is no signal from SVGA and immediately goes into power save mode.

I have gotten this to work by turning on the SP and logging in.
Remove both power and display cable from monitor.
Reconnect power cable, wait until monitor reports that there is no signal and it is going into power save mode in 5 minutes.
Reconnect the video cable and "all's right with the world".

Client feels this is an unreasonable work around.  (joke.)

I cannot find anyway of disabling powersave feature on the Dell monitor.

Any suggestions?
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Brian BEE Topic Advisor, Independant Technology Professional

Have you tested the monitor on another system that is known and working?
Conversely, do you have a non-Dell monitor you can try on the SP?

I have seen similar issues related to particular screen resolutions, so try dropping the resolution/refresh rate as well.

Also make sure all relevant drivers are up to date.
I upgraded the problem Surface Pro 4s to Surface Pro 6.
Some of the Surface Docks seemed to have problems after being left on for weeks at a time. These have  been replaced.
No more problems so far.

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