Where to share a PDF or InDesign file for multiple proofreaders/copy editors

John Darby
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I have an Adobe InDesign manuscript running about 300+ pages and will be needing to have copyeditors begin reviewing in early March. I see I could use Adobe InCopy for each of my reviewers, but that would cost a license for each one. Do you know a way to share a doc (PDF or InDesign) where the user doesn't have to make a software purchase to edit/proofread (and add highlights or diacritical marks) in the web browser?
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Option #1

Likely how you'll do this is for one person to control the PDF.

They will send this to each editor in turn, the person will edit the doc + return it.

Option #2

1) Break your manuscript into include blocks. Might be by chapter or chapter section, to create some granularity for editors.

2) Write these blocks in Markdown, like AsciiDoctor.

3) Use Git to manage all your blocks. This provides for multiple people to checkout/edit/checkin any part of document.

4) When manuscript will be generated for release or proofing, do a git pull + run asciidoctor to generate the PDF from all the include blocks.

If you only have a few reviewers, use the option #1.

If you have many reviewers, use option #2.
David FavorFractional CTO
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You might also contact Adobe or search their site to see if they provide some paid service which provides this facility.

I didn't find one when I searched for it. You might have better luck searching than I did.


Thanks David. The PDF route as you mention in #1 is the idea most reasonable

Thanks so much!

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