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We have application servers hosted on-premise, the servers are behind the firewall.  users who access the application server from external network have to pass though the VPN network. I am looking for the network monitoring tool and also vulnerable scanning tool for web application server. I found following New Relic network monitoring tool and Qualys Security solution but these are cloud based. Please suggest for on premise deployment and suggestions please.
Thanks in advance.
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Infrastructure admin
PRTG is a good network monitoring App has many features you can try it for free limited for 30 days.
David FavorFractional CTO
Distinguished Expert 2018

Describe your App a bit + your security concerns + OS where App runs.
David FavorFractional CTO
Distinguished Expert 2018
For example, if your App uses...

1) SSL certs you might use openssl to ensure security.

2) SQL, then you might use sqlmap for continuous checking for SQL injections.

3) nmap, will be used to ensure no open ports mysteriously appear on your machine.

Tip: Most hackers get in via outdated software, so your first line of defense is run latest stable software at each layer.

For example, if you're running your App on a LAMP Stack, then use Ubuntu Bionic (LTS version - 5 years of updates) for a recent Kernel + updates to all major software components.
Top Expert 2011

Observium is a decent option.
Certainly you can go down the Kali Linux/Metasploit route for vulnerability scanning.  Qualsys might have an agent too with cloud reporting.

As for monitoring, PRTG or ManageEngine OpManager are my typical gotos.  We switched to PRTG a couple years ago, very favorable pricing.

You can use Kali Linux built specifically to be used by penetration testers. It comes prepackaged with different security tools
• Nmap
• Wireshark
• Metasploit Framework
• John the Ripper
• Aircrack-ng
• Burp Suite
• Ettercap
• THC Hydra
• Maltego
• sqlmap
• Social Engineer Toolkit

For monitoring you can use PRTG or Nagios


Thank you very much. We have windows AD, IIS , MSSQL, linux servers, apache, mysql, php . will PRTG provides audit logs please let me know.
Ibrahim KasabriInfrastructure admin

PRTG has many features one of those is Active Directory Event Auditing with PRTG

have a quick look for the main PRTG features on this link
Distinguished Expert 2018

You could also use Rapid7's InsightVM for network/vulnerability scanning, which may cost you more than some of the other products here. Nessus would be a very costly proposition. Rapid7 does have a separate tool for app scanning, but I'd recommend looking at the products others have listed here first.

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