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I am looking for a "free" way to take a PDF document save the contents of the PDF to a variable in a "Searchable" format..

So essentially I want to do the following :

get-webrequest -uri "Path to PDF"

Store this information into a variable in a searchable format and then run a query based on "Text" or a "String" withen that PDF file..

What is the easiest way of doing this .. Please provide a code snippet for it.
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This uses iTextSharp.dll (licensed under AGPL) from https://github.com/itext/itextsharp
Latest binary release is here: https://github.com/itext/itextsharp/releases/tag/5.5.11
No need to install anything; download itextsharp-all-5.5.11.zip, extract the "itextsharp-dll-core.zip", extract "itextsharp.dll", and drop it in a folder, and change line 9 accordingly.
Like Get-Content, it'll return an array of strings.
You can assign or filter the output as usual:
$found = ConvertFrom-Pdf -Path "Path to PDF file" |  Where-Object {$_ -like '*Find me*'}

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Function ConvertFrom-Pdf {
	Begin {
		Add-Type -Path 'C:\Temp\itextsharp.dll'
	Process {
		Try {
			If (-not [IO.Path]::IsPathRooted($_)) {
				$Path = (Resolve-Path -Path $Path -ErrorAction Stop).Path
			$pdfReader = New-Object -TypeName 'iTextSharp.text.pdf.pdfreader' -ArgumentList $Path -ErrorAction Stop
			For ($i = 1; $i -le $pdfReader.NumberOfPages; $i++) {
				Write-Verbose "Converting page $($i)"
				[iTextSharp.text.pdf.parser.PdfTextExtractor]::GetTextFromPage($pdfReader, $i) -split "`r?`n"
		} Catch {
		} Finally {
			If ($pdfReader) {
				Try {$pdfReader.Close()} Catch {}
				Remove-Variable -Name pdfReader -ErrorAction SilentlyContinue

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Thanks oDbA!!

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