Syntax issue with not in list code

SteveL13 used Ask the Experts™
I'm having an issues when I try to add a string of characters that includes an apostrophe.  Here is the string...
SAM's (Somewhere, IL 61108 - UPS Ground)

It works fine without the apostrophe.

and here is the not in list code:

strSQL = "INSERT INTO tbSamplesTypesLU ([Description],[CustomerID]) VALUES ('" & NewData & "'," & Me.Parent.cboCustomerID & ");"

Can someone spot my problem?
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If your data might contain an apostrophe char, you should do this:
strSQL = "INSERT INTO tbSamplesTypesLU ([Description],[CustomerID]) VALUES (""" & NewData & """," & Me.Parent.cboCustomerID & ");"

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Bill PrewIT / Software Engineering Consultant
Top Expert 2016

For the fields that can contain an apostrophe, just do a replace when you add them to the query and replace a single quote with two single quotes, like:


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Fabrice LambertConsulting
Distinguished Expert 2017

Nope, it won't work either, because your data can hold simple quotes, double quote or any mix of both.

You should use a parameterized query instead.
Dim sql As String
sql = vbNullString
sql = sql & "PARAMATERS paramDescription Text(255)," & vbcrlf
sql = sql & "    paramCustomerID Long;" & vbcrlf
sql = sql & "INSERT INTO tbSamplesTypesLU (" & vbcrlf
sql = sql & "    Description,"  & vbcrlf
sql = sql & "    CustomerID)"  &vbcrlf
sql = sql & "VALUES (" & vbcrlf
sql = sql & "    [paramDescription]," & vbcrlf
sql = sql & "    {paramCustomerID]);"

Dim db As DAO.Database
Set db = currentDb

Dim qd As DAO.QueryDef
Set qd = db.CreateQueryDef("tempQD", sql)

qd.parameters("paramDescription").value = NewData
qd.parameters("paramCustomerID").value = CLng(Me.Parent.cboCustomerID)
qd.Execute dbfailonError


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