Programming Lilypad with Arduino - Boards Needed

Madison Lowry
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With Lilypad e-textiles do you have to pair an Arduino board (nano or uno) with it or are these programmable themselves with Arduino software.  I have multiple LilyPad Arduino Simple Snaps and would like to program them to allow a student to push a button and have led lights go off in succession.
We are attempting to make interactive maps like what you would see in a museum.  Button goes off and the lights light up an army path or the outline of a state.
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... looks like they just need a "The Arduino USB 2 Serial interface" adapter to connect to computer ... and that adaptor uses the standard Arduino UNO drivers ....

see here, 2nd paragraph :
Getting Started with the LilyPad Arduino, LilyPad Arduino Simple and LilyPad Arduino Simple Snap

Hmm! this looks pretty cool (if I understand it correctly !) .... looks like you can upload your code to it from web !
Getting Started with Arduino Web Editor on Various Platforms

... see here, a guy connects it all up ..... see, about half way thru he connects the usb 2 adaptor ...
Intro to Lilypad Arduino
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Thank you so very much!
This actually answered my question and more.  It is hard to find the right resources when you do not have the experience to even know what to really search or ask.

Myself and 8th grade kiddos greatly appreciate it.
PeeterBIT Support Tech

@Madison ...... you very welcome ! Glad that I could help ...... Best of Luck with it ...

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